Special Update!

There are lots of changes going on in my life to accommodate and prepare for the opening of Kintsugi Ramen in the Summer. There is, of course, lots of things still to do. Though my recipes are pretty close they’re not quite there. And you know what I need to perfect them? Research. And I […]

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Pork. I use a lot of porkat Kintsugi Ramen. My tonkotsu broth has pork bones, trotters, and soon (when I get a bigger pot) pig heads. All filled with delicious marrow, fat and collagen. I use pork belly as our staple meat topping, minced pork in our spicy tantanmen noodles. I like pork. But, did you […]

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Mushrooms and Drying

One of our bowls will be a mushroom based broth, healthy and (if you don’t choose to have chaashu pork) vegan.  A month or so ago, when I started looking into mushroom broths, I found that using throwing fresh mushrooms into a pot with some aromatics really, really didn’t taste like much. Back to the […]

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The World’s Most Expensive Ramen

Recently I have been watching Buzzfeed’s video serios “Worth It”, in which the presenters try three foods at three drastically different price points (salmon, steak, donuts, etc.) It got me thinking, what is the world’s most expensive ramen? It turned out to once have been from New York’s KAO restaurant, now closed. The dish costed […]

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The Story So Far…

If we’re going all the way, we’re going back quite a way, and as always, it starts with food. Eight years ago in 2009, I was eating at Roka in London. Roka is a Japanese grill restaurant (flame grill, not like habachi grills), with my family. We’re a pretty foody family, but this was probably […]

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On Ramen Shops & Eating Habits

Ramen in Japan is different. I don’t mean in what’s in it, how it tastes or anything to do with the food. I mean that in Japan it is done differently. The Japanese view on ramen is different to how we in the West see it entirely, at least traditionally. Tokyo alone has over 10,000 […]

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