Mushrooms! Mushrooms!

And now anyone on the internet in 2009 has an annoying song in their head. But anyway.


Mushrooms are amazing. There are well over 10,000 different varieties, all over the world, and humans have found a wide range of uses for them, from medicine, to cooking, to narcotics.

Of course, I’m focussed on the cooking. About 4% of mushroom varities are ones that you would want to eat, which may seem small, but just think of all the different types, from your standard brown mushroom, to your luxurious truffles, to the bacon-tasting pink flamingo oyster mushroom!

I just love them.

Currently, my vegan mushroom broth ramen contains seven different types of mushroom! We use dried shiitake, porcini, charcoal bumer, honey fungus, black trumpets and chantarelles in our broth alone, giving a rich umami flavour. Then we top it off with a bunch of sauteed enoki mushrooms, giving a contrasting sweet, almost fruity flavour.

One day, I’ll get my hands on a batch of the afore-mentioned pink flamingo oyster mushroom. Large, flat, shelf-type mushrooms that grow in warmer regions of the world, such as Mexico, or known as takiiro hiratake in Japan. Thick and meaty, these mushrooms taste like ham or bacon once they have been thoroughly cooked. Oh and they’re super food for your heart. A perfect topping to your healthy bowl of vegan mushroom ramen, wouldn’t you say?


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