Special Update!

There are lots of changes going on in my life to accommodate and prepare for the opening of Kintsugi Ramen in the Summer. There is, of course, lots of things still to do.

Though my recipes are pretty close they’re not quite there. And you know what I need to perfect them? Research. And I don’t mean more books, more videos, more pictures. I need to see first hand, with eyes, I need to smell and taste. I need to sit in proper ramen shops and take it all in. I need to experience ramen.

I need to go back to Japan.

That’s right. In Summer this year, before opening, I will be returning to Japan for a whirlwind ramen tour, hitting three cities in ten or so days, eating as much ramen as I can get my hands on!

First Tokyo, home of the world’s only two Michelin-starred ramen restaurants, Tsuta and Nakiryu. Then back to my old stomping grounds, Osaka, Japan’s kitchen, going back to where it all started for me and reconnect with some old friends over a warm bowl or two. Then we’re heading deep into the South, to Fukuoka and Hakata, home of the original tonkotsu pork broth ramen, where ramen street vending is still alive and kicking.

The Ramen Tour is on!


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