Pork. I use a lot of porkat Kintsugi Ramen. My tonkotsu broth has pork bones, trotters, and soon (when I get a bigger pot) pig heads. All filled with delicious marrow, fat and collagen. I use pork belly as our staple meat topping, minced pork in our spicy tantanmen noodles. I like pork.

But, did you know that, like beef, there are different varieties of pork? There is in facct, in Japan, what is considered the Wagyu or Kobe beef of pork. That’s the kurobuta pig, literally black pig. It’s a breed of pig descended from England’s Berkshire pig. It’s a heritage breed, famed for their tasty meat and fat. The fat keeps the meat moist and juicy. Apparently.

See, I’ve never tried it. I’m looking to, and would love to one day partner with a local farm for my meats and use Berkshire pigs in my dishes. But for now, we will have to wait. Unfortunately it is not readily available in my local butchers. Oh, and it also carries a higher price.


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