Mushrooms and Drying

One of our bowls will be a mushroom based broth, healthy and (if you don’t choose to have chaashu pork) vegan. 

A month or so ago, when I started looking into mushroom broths, I found that using throwing fresh mushrooms into a pot with some aromatics really, really didn’t taste like much. Back to the drawing board. 

While researching I found that it is quite common to use dried mushrooms rather than fresh. I didn’t quite understand why until recently, but using dry mushrooms and reconstituting them in water (is rehydrating) gives a much more powerful flavour. 

I started thinking why my mix of dried wild mushrooms gave more flavour. Isn’t a mushroom that has been dried and reconstituted the same as a fresh mushroom?

No. drying seals in the flavour. Let’s look at other dried foods that pack a punch: dry-aged steak, cured ham, sun-dried tomatoes, any kind of jerky! Even the act of reducing a sauce increases a concentrates the flavour. 

Do I understand how drying creates flavour? Not a clue. Do I know how to use it now? If course. 
Our mushroom broth ramen will be available Summer 2017. 


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